About Us

About Boni Books publishers, it was founded by two African women who are dedicated in publishing the best in African languages.

Boni Books co-mandate is to promote African Languages in schools, libraries, broader community and companies. We publish books, reference books, study guides and many more. Our publications are in the languages many understands as South Africans.

Most noteworthy, this work is the first of its kind. Such materials have been available in predominantly English and Afrikaans languages. Furthermore, these materials will boost the work of the Basic Education as a result, uplifting African languages. Boni Books is further more committed in providing material which is relevant to the twenty first century generation which is inclined to technology.

Above all, as a publishing house, we encourage other writers as well to write and we will use our expertise to have those books published.

Even more, what sets us apart from our competitors is that we are:

  • 100 percent black owned company,
  • 100 percent female owned company,
  • We only publish African languages.


Our Mission

“To deliver excellence in African languages.”

Our Vision

“To promote diversity and multilingualism, by encouraging people to use their own languages and to learn other languages.”