Fikile Khuboni

Academic background

Fikile Khuboni is a teacher educator for isiZulu Home Language (HL) and IsiZulu First Additional Language (FAL). She also teaches student teachers whose mother tongue is not isiZulu and who are learning the language for the first time.

Fikile has been training teachers in a number of Academic institutions. She started at Ntuzuma College of Education. She than proceeded to Durban College of Education. In 1998 she joined the Department of Education in KwaZulu Natal as a subject advisor. Due to her quest for greener pastures and exposure she went to University of Natal now known as UKZN.  In the year 2009 she joined Wits School of Education.

The lack of resources in African languages, her passion for IsiZulu and her involvement in the assessment of learners has inspired Fikile to see the need of writing this reference book. Fikile saw an opportunity to make a contribution in the development of African Languages particularly IsiZulu. This book IsiZulu Sami Nawe will be very helpful to both teachers and learners of IsiZulu in schools.

Contribution as the Author

Fikile’s contribution in the development of IsiZulu can be witnessed in the following books that she co-authored.:

  • Insengwakazi Ibanga 7, Insengwakazi Ibanga 8, Insengwakazi Ibanga 9- Juta Publishers
  • IsiZulu Semihla Ngemihla  Ibanga 10, IsiZulu Semihla Ngemihla  Ibanga 11,IsiZulu Semihla Ngemihla Ibanga 12. Shuter& Shooter Publishers
  • Khanyisa Ibanga 10 Juta Publishers
  • Siluncela ebeleni. Ibanga 4, Siluncela Ebeleni. Ibanga 5,Siluncela Ebeleni Ibanga 6 Juta Publishers


She also played a big role in writing the following books:

IsiZulu Sami Nawe is her first book published by Boni Books