Our Programs

Welcome to Boni Books Tutoring program. Our program is mainly for learners who are doing IsiZulu as a First Additional Language (FAL). This program has 3 tutoring options which are as follows-:

      • Recorded Lessons
      • One on One Tutoring
      • Online Classes

Recorded Lessons

We make recorded lessons covering critical and important topics on IsiZulu. Lessons are posted once a week. Every lesson has a comment field which can be used to comment or reach out to the tutor regarding that lesson. This is a free service which run following the school calendar year. Recorded sessions are available 24/7 on line from the day it has been posted until the end of the school year calendar.

As from 2021, we will also have fee based recorded lessons which will be covering Exams preparations, Literature e.t.c. More information on this will be shared once available during the course of the year.

One on One Tutoring

We provide one on one lessons to anyone who needs extra lessons. Our sessions are tailor made to suit the needs of leaners. Each session is an hour long. Since this service is for learners who are mostly attending school full-time, our tutoring sessions times are as follows:

      • 17H00 – 22H00 Monday to Friday
      • 09H00 – 16H00 Saturday and during schools holidays
      • 13H00 – 16H00 Sundays
      • On public holidays, sessions would depends on the availability of tutors.
      • During the current covid-19 lockdown, some tutors are available outside below mentioned times. Kindly enquire about the tutor’s availability here.

This is per session based subscription which can be paid per session, per week or per month.

Online Classes

Every now and then we will be hosting live classes where everyone registered can join the session. Our online classes are 30 min long. These are the sessions which would be mostly revisions of exams or preparations for learners.

This is a per session based subscription. Learners will have to pay during registration for the session. All our online classes will be done on a Sunday at 17H00.

Scheduled coming classes are announced as they are available.