Lesson 4: Ukunciphisa_1 (Diminutives)

7 thoughts on “Lesson 4: Ukunciphisa_1 (Diminutives)”

  1. Nokuthula says:

    I’m glad to be your student mma, you are the best!

    1. Tutor says:

      Thank you Nokuthula, we are honoured to have you as our student.

  2. Gallia says:

    Ngiyabonga Thisha! Ngiyakuthanda kakhulu.

  3. Thisha F says:

    Ngiyabonga Gallia, nami ngiyakuthanda kakhulu. Hope these recorded lessons will be helpful. Keep on visiting this site a new lesson is posted every week.

  4. Noluthando Nkosi says:

    Is it possible to download this recordings

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sawubona Noluthando
      Cha angeke ukwazi, they are not downloadable.

  5. Thisha F says:

    Sawubona Noluthando, cha angeke ukwazi. They are not downloadable, you can only access them here.
    . c

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